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“House of Steel” is a rising construction company based in Athens, which offers a wide range of services in the construction of metal buildings in the last 8 years. With the center of originality and innovation, we love fresh ideas and we apply them to the construction of metal buildings. To achieve these, we use modern machines and techniques, we work with experienced and new architects, craftsmen and suppliers.

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High-quality services are the key to our success.

The strong foundation of the company is its long experience her human potential in traditional buildings and passion for the object of construction. Thus, continuous research has brought on the surface the company’s need for specialization, driving in the form it uses until today. This one form of construction allows us to overcome architectural and geographical constraints that we often find in concrete construction, making it suitable in this way and effective in any environment.

Our goal is to provide a better quality of life with ecological consciousness building houses that cover your own unique needs, offering security in a respectful environment, because “What to do the beautiful house when you do not have it a healthy planet to touch it? “

Residential Homes

Public Spaces

Commercial Projects



Main Housing
Ground floor


Luxury Homes with swimming pool 

Professional Buildings

Industrial and Industrial Areas
Event Rooms

Hotel Facilities

Rental rooms
Auxiliary Areas


Additions of floors in buildings that do not withstand extra weight of concrete construction

Energy Upgrades

Various interventions that energy upgrades Buildings

About Us


Emphasis is also placed on the overall design resulting from communication with the individual customer in order to serve his own unique needs as there is no architectural restriction...Learn More



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